About us

OneServiceNetwork is an international alliance of likeminded regional, mid-sized integrators within the telecommunication technology market. Targeting the industry segment of carriers and service providers, the members work together to enable the delivery of high carrier-class services outside of their own geographic coverage.

At OneServiceNetwork, all members are highly customer focused. Furthermore, the engineers and service professionals within the member organizations have earned the highest level of vendor certifications and a proven track record of in-country experience.

By combining resources and sharing knowledge, experience, service portfolios and geographic coverage, the OneServiceNetwork creates a compelling proposition for both, customers and partners.

Through the close interaction and collaboration as well as unified methodologies and business workflows, the membership within OneServiceNetwork differentiates the member’s organizations and achieves: 

  • a maximized growth potential, revenue and profitability
  • new business opportunities and greater value without increasing internal investments
  • a broader reach, a rising awareness and the improvement of competitiveness
  • the strengthening of the Juniper Networks partnership
  • the joint utilization of best practices, competences and capabilities

What our members stand for

All members have been selected into OneServiceNetwork membership globally in strategic demographic areas and with regards to some critical reasons to gain a competitive advantage.

Here’s what qualifies the companies! 



Our Members' Traits: 

  • a medium sized organisation within the telecommunication technology market
  • focus on layer 1 – 4 network technologies for carriers and service providers
  • local or regional presence
  • Juniper Networks Elite Partner and Operate Specialist Certifications
  • minimum of two JNCIEs within the team

Our Members' Service Portfolio: 

  • Maintenance Services including 1st line TAC support (24x7), Spare-part Handling and Field Services
  • Professional Services such as Consulting, Installation and Project Management
  • Advanced Services Team available

A Service Assessment once a year needs to be accepted.

Our Service Differentiator:

 «Global Partner»

  • multi-national corporation
  • central corporate sales “front”
  • uncertain in-country ownership
  • variable in-country skill sets
    – capability?
    – logistics?
    – technology?
    – quality?
    – customer focus?




  • trusted network partner
  • delivers the promise
  • in-country excellence & reputation driver
  • quality assurance program
    – Juniper Networks Elite Partner status
    – network engineers
    – spares validation
    – common technology path
    – customer 1st ethos